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The Action buttons at the bottom of the window let you manually optimize the memory and change the view of the window. Toggle mode docks the window and will make the application display only the memory and CPU usage. To return to full view mode click on the background.

After Cinematic has laid out a project, you make changes using StoryBuilder and WOYO. Your productions won't win any Academy Awards, but they will be tastefully done—and completed in the time it would take you to choose your transitions in other products.



Immediately after these settings have been made, DriveSentry will proceed to scanning your computer for trusted applications. The list is available almost instantly and in case there is a false positive or you do not trust an item in the list you can trim it down. The Online Advisor is at your disposal allowing you access to the statistics for each application in the list.

When you open Sharpen Me Free, you can select any of a number of images in your library or take a new one to work with. The old photo will appear onscreen in a small box next to the version you are editing. As you slide the bar at the bottom, you can compare the two to see how much different it looks. At times this was useful. At other times, we honestly could not tell the difference between the first and second version. Additionally, the slider does not always respond right away, and while there are compare buttons available, they were not always responsive, either.